April 27, 2017

I am no poet!!

But I do have things to say. I do not bother much with the rules of poetry. It's not a divine process for me either. I write when I feel low. I write when I am happy. I write when I have to have an outlet for my emotions. I write to feel better. I write to go on. I write to learn more, much more.. I write just to feel the movement in my hands and my brain silent, my heart doing all the talking...

A raw attempt...

Gasping for air, I am
Catching my breath, I am
For the run has been long
The road, pleasant but prolonged

Tripped and fell, I did
Scratched myself, I did
With scars to never fade away
With hurt left too deep to go away

Cried myself to sleep, I did
Wiped my tears by myself, I did
Feeling the nails scratching me
The walls closing in on me

Pick myself up, I will
Dust myself quick, I will
But the wound stays raw, so raw
Hope and despair is all I saw

The river which flowed dried up
But here I feel drowned in it
Lost and never to be found again
Never to hope again
Never to be loved again...
Just to be DROWNED again..

If anybody out there writes abstract, raw, rule-defying poetry, do feel free to tag them in the commentary section below.

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  1. A very lovely attempt...don't stop doing this

    1. Thank you!! Will keep up with it :)