April 27, 2017

How to be more interesting?? How to capture people's attention?? How does she do it? How does anybody do it? Back in my teen years, the main aim of my days were to be little more interesting than my 15 year old self, do interesting stuff and have more friends. That ship sailed a long time ago. Because I realized being interesting shouldn't be a chore or an exercise. It happens automatically without your effort. And people with a little more insight to the way world works can differentiate interesting people from prudish and snobbish people without any extra work!!

So what makes those interest in people well, interesting??
It's all about personality people, PERSONALITY!!

There was a person I knew a while ago who said the most hilarious things and all of us were left to wonder how on earth he came up with these incredible stories...
He swept the room away with his short jokes and ever-present-smile!
Could I do that? Could you do that? Could you hold the attention of an entire room? For any small, significant amount of time? 

Problem solved! The answer is yes!
The solution is you!!!
Yes, you heard me folks!

That's the simple truth we all have been searching for. In place of trying to find do things which is more interesting, search for consequential interesting things and traits within you. Do you have a crazy habit of balancing lemons on spoons? Or an amazing ability to twist the tongue in ways that can screw up people's eyes?? Are you good with tongue twisters?? All these amazing things, no matter how small they are, is what makes you, YOU! So embrace it!!
EMBRACE yourself!

I do have amazing talents and interesting stuff to talk about, but nobody pays attention. Is that your plight? Then fear not my friend because I'll teach you tricks to steal the show!!!

Knowing things and being able to do things that will leave other's jaw hanging won't be much of a help if you aren't aware of the interesting ways you could present yourself. PRESENTATION counts! Make an IMPRESSION! Charm the pants of people with a brilliant smile and a quirky nature. Chat up the people in the room. Make your presence known. Own it people, OWN IT!!
Be knowledgeable!!! 
I couldn't stress this enough.
Because knowledge is power and every tiny detail will take you a long way.
Be it a business meeting, Twitter or Facebook, people do not want to know the same mundane things. They are constantly searching for newer topics for a change, A revelation. Acknowledge yourself with research papers, news papers, articles in topics you are likely to be interested in or the topic your buddies are likely to discuss and such on to equip yourself better to your surroundings so that your role will be the highlight of the event. Make good conversations! HOW TO MAKE GOOD CONVERSATION

Is what matters. All said, and not being able to execute it because you have jitters and jell-o legs won't help the situation a bit! 'Worry about loving yourself instead of worrying about others loving you!!' Once you love yourself, people will follow..BE CONFIDENT

If you are having a desk job and bored with it, then it's time for a change. Yes, I do realize it's easier said than done, finding a job these days is a time consuming and spirit breaking work. But for all of those who doesn't want to quit, what happened to your hobbies guys? Because that was what kept your life interesting when you were a kid. The constant learning, executing and HOBBIES!! Get back there, and show what you got. If you don't want to do that either well, what makes your job interesting? Nothing? Are you happy with it? Then make it interesting. Think about it..

Don't really understand what they are talking about around you? Don't be shy to speak up. You have the right to your opinions!! Ask the person to explain the topic a little, ask questions and you'll get more answers in return.Don't ever say PASS! Have an opinion about everything based on what you believe in and what you prefer. It all comes down to you.

The art of being interesting is a world of your own with the roads to be laid down in the direction you want it to go... Imagine where you want to be and work towards making it happen.

Be the YOU, discover the YOU in YOU!!

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