April 27, 2017

The funny thing about being strong is that, people recognize it immediately. They know when the see one.The aura, the radiance and the confidence is projected greatly into their immediate surroundings. The confident lift in the chin, the straight back and the unwavering gaze. How to become that strong?...strong enough to get over the negativities, strong enough to rise above, strong enough to smile at those who frown at us, and strong enough to face the rising storm...

A little poetic I agree, but I do tend to get a little carried away when talking about the miracles of mind..

I do sound poetic don't I? Bear with me peeps! 😊😊😊😊

So what is mental strength? And how can I be mentally strong? If that is your question then read on..

Mentally strong people are assertive. They are extremely good at handling their emotions and analysing them in depth. They do not seek petty revenge and they never put others down to make themselves feel better. Mentally Strong people have a say in everything and they definitely know what they are talking about. They know themselves inside out.They listen to everyone and hear out everything before making a decision and they are not judgemental. And they are quick learners.

For some, mental strength is something that comes by birth. But for few others, it's a learned lesson. It's much of an acquired taste. 

How can you become mentally tough?

1.Start out by identifying your qualities. Analyse your emotions and become the master of your emotions. 

I remember reading somewhere, a long time ago, probably when I was in grade 4 or less about how crying is an outlet for emotions and how it helps sometimes. 
If so then why aren't  guys taught to cry?
Why is that girls aren't told in youngage that crying is something only boys do..

I'm not a feminist!
Im not!
But gender war brings out the feminism from inside of me.
But that is for someother day entirely..

What is it like, being the master of your emotions? 
It's not about not crying or getting angry or feeling giddy with joy. It's about handling your tears, your anger and your other emotions. It's about how much control you have on them and about when you chose to let them out.It is about being in grip with yourself.

2.Strong people don't pass judgments without reason.


Because they are open minded. They know world works in different ways in different places for every different person. So why pass a judgement based on what they believe is right? 
There is no right or wrong. 
It is us who categorize them so.
So know the situation, learn the ins and outs of it, be assertive, make the right decision!!

3.Have belief in your opinions. 

Be strong in what you stand for because if faced with an opponent, that belief is what will tide you over into a safer coast. Hold on and don't let go. Mentally strong know life is difficult and it may not workout. But they persevere it anyway because they know what they want. Mentally strong people are confident in what the believe in! BE CONFIDENT

4.Let go of the past 

if I have learnt anything valuable in life, then this is it.This is more of a request than an exercise. Only you know what's the outcome of your thoughts. And dwelling in the past brings nothing but feelings of being unsettled, regret and sadness. It kills your energy and your buzz. The fire in you withers and dies.  And so does your mind. It shows you pictures of bleak future..
Never fear.
A great friend of mine once quoted to me when I was in dire need of help, "Give time, some time!" (Thanks to you friend)

"Time heals almost everything, so give time some time"-Regina Brett

5.When in doubt, take the next step.

Yes, when In doubt, repeatedly thinking about the same thing and trying to find the solution from different ways is a futile attempt to fix what's wrong. Take the next step, you'll know! Be it a different course of action unrelated to the prior matter or the next practical step when faced with a dilemma.

6. Mentally strong people don't seek petty revenge

He/She did something that was downright hurtful? Be the bigger person,Forgive, for it will make you feel lighter and you'll find your tranquility. Anger brings nothing but chaos and decisions taken in anger hurts you more than anybody else.
Don't let emotions control your actions.

8.Take calculated risks.

I was in a situation where I was anxious and ambivalent about making the right choice. Whether everything would work out fine, if not the where would it leave me? 
But I was reminded gently to take the risk instead of illogical and irrational apprehension and fear.
Did it work out? 
And it left me where I never want to return. But now I know, not to make the mistake again.
I learnt from my mistake. 
Don't be afraid to choose.
But make your choice your priority and take the calculated risk.

Being mentally strong isn't a walk in the park. Sometimes the pain hits hard. You'll be left reeling in shock. You'll be in real grief over how things worked out. But the choice to pick yourself up and dust yourself down is the only thing you can do, to initiate the process of getting mentally stronger. 

Be strong and be wise!

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