April 27, 2017

 CONVERSATIONAL SKILLS!!  I was a never a mumbling teen who was shy to speak in English and show off my verbal skills to my friends.It was a great pride to learn new words since I took upto reading at a young age. But as I learnt new words everyday and grew up with a better control over my conversational skills, I observed some of my other buddies learn fewer words and lack in that particular area.

I realize few people need help in a total way of understanding English as a whole language and as a subject and not just a means to text and know the local lingo. I also realized it was important to educate people regarding the importance of knowing an international language and the benefits of knowing it and how to get there.


As I was in my high school, I realized that I had one of the best person to guide me in English not only as a language but the application of it in the right way. I'll be ever grateful to my teacher back in high school!!! It was the point which changed my perspective on my whole life and the way I saw the world. Because communication does change your life. The better you are able to speak, the better you can express yourself, the better everyone around you appreciate the effort and hard work and essentially the better you'll be understood. Your conversation won't get better just within a day. You need constant diligence in learning and studying and once you develop a large pool of words and proper pronunciation with good grammar, you are ready to go rock the world with your verbal prowess!!

What were the 5 main things I did to improve my conversational skills?



Because reading is one of the most essential tools to improve your word power, cognition skills, conversational skills and knowledge. Reading will become your bible for the next few weeks to months. I don't say hold the english grammar book everyday even while you are enjoying your breakfast. But a well decided time about 20-40 mins, same time everyday could make miracles. Just grab on to the latest newspaper and read away into sunset or sunrise in few early birds.


Did she just say listen? Listen to what? Now here comes the dilemma, Because listening can be applied anywhere from news to music to podcasts or watching videos. TO EACH HER OWN! Whatever sails your boat. If you love listening to music while you're on the road then so be it!! It'll be a class with fun and work. If you recognize a new word and do not understand the music, then stop and look up the meaning (I strongly suggest against stopping your vehicle in the middle of the road for it). But you got it. Listen, discover and study.


When I initially learnt new words and tried it out loud, it would sound weird because I wouldn't know how to pronounce it. Podcasts can be helpful here. If you wanna maintain a record book about your practice sessions then go right ahead because this will be helpful in the long haul. Read, Say it out loud and stand in front of the mirror and practice the word. Look at your body language and the amount of confidence you put into one statement. HOW TO BE CONFIDENT. Practice Practice!! Because practice makes perfect!


Do you remember what you learnt yesterday? or the day before? Being able to recall what you have learnt and studied plays a good role in helping you build a good vocabulary. 


Now comes the important part of applying what you've managed to learn the past few weeks! A good friend is always a good listener. People around you are bound to notice the adroitness with which you are speaking. A few weeks into practising and they notice your confidence boost and the amazing way you sound which makes them want to listen to you more and more! And trust me on this folks, they'll be intimidated by your dexterity and you'll be the new-most garrulous person in the arena and people will notice the tremendous improvement in your Conversational skills!!


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