May 14, 2017

I have been inspired, motivated!
I had an epiphany.
A startling realization!!
I don’t have to be anything I didn’t want to be and I don’t have to do anything I didn’t want to do!
The world is full of new opportunities, waiting to be grabbed!
So do you want to be there on the top of the mountain, having worked hard towards it or do you want to be at the bottom of the hill looking up at those at the top??
Are those around you looking down on you and nagging you to do something with your life? Or those around you stopping you from being what you want to be?
And the secret for that is ‘BOPPECC’!

So what is 'BOPPECC'??
What helps you to live your life, especially going agasint the tide and making it into something beautiful, the way you want it to be ultimately?


Nobody, I repeat nobody could be you, so no matter how hard it gets never lose the sight of who you are, maybe the circumstances needed you to adapt, but that doesn’t mean you should be someone who others find appealing. Because in midst of the all the pretentious self harm, you may lose yourself forever. Hold on to yourself and don’t fake over any matter. You have a right to express yourself. Be proud of it! Be you!


Be organized; work it out in your head regarding every small detail because you wouldn’t want it to go wrong in the path ahead. Be impeccable in maintaining and remembering tiny details of important things. It’ll come in handy.

3.    PLAN, PLAN & PLAN!!

You want to build your own firm?, or your own bakery? Or you’re own hospital? For all the things you want to accomplish a foundation is needed, a vital part of the foundation being PLANNING! So look into the future and imagine where you see yourself, and start planning in order to get there. We can’t all be amateurs forever! Professionalism is represented by a good plan!


     Don't destroy things in a moment of urgency or impatience or fear!!

 I always liked to think that good things come to those who wait.
And it did prove to be true on very many occasions! So don’t lose hope in the face of impossible and despair in the face of loss, because failure is the stepping stone of success! Every building had to be built by small stones to make up the great walls that stand against rain, storm and winds!


In today's world education holds a great deal of importance because nothing equals it. It is the only thing along with determination that might save your skin in a difficult time.
Now many out there might contest this statement saying not all successful people are educated, sheer will made them who they are, and I do agree with that. But at the same time education holds its own!


   Be confident in yourself because if you aren’t then how else is anybody else        going to have confidence in you. Prove yourself to be responsible, mature          and able to handle difficult situations and slowly others will start trusting            you with things that matter to them the most.


Never venture out there all alone because there might be someone who wouldn’t mind stepping on you to climb higher! Have a circle of people you trust the most, who would watch your back and who would support you in all you're right decisions!

It's not difficult to survive, but to live and by live I mean to have truly spent one's days meaningfully, to have dreamt of a better tomorrow, helping someone in need, having aspirations, reaching all your goals, being a loving person and to have truly lived. Do you want to be a survivor or one having lived your dream and loved your life?

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