May 29, 2017

       ORGANIZING!! That word pretty much scared me and it still scares my sister! But then I found the fun in it! yep! I said the f word! FUN in organizing you say? Well folks, everything can be fun if you make enough interest in it!

Well to begin with I've had two lengthy weeks and it’s been a nightmare. Had to get few things done and then came the ‘Room project’! I’ve been meaning to reorganize my room into something new and classy and also my wardrobe. Meant to do it a while ago and couldn’t get around to do it. But then finally yesterday I put my foot down and decided to get it done! AYSAP! Because I could hear my clutter shouting at me to give them some room to breathe!
   So i started with my wardrobe!! 

      Well you get the idea! I finally did it and I’m super duper happy with how my wardrobe looks now! Things are finally where they are supposed to be and I can get stuffs without pulling all the junk out into the world!

      And it’s such a relief! I’m not much of an obsessive colour coder or something but if you are well to each their own!

      Have you been meaning to get your things in order and haven’t gotten around it? Then come organise with me!

First things first!


  • I would suggest you to spread a carpet or a plain sheet on the floor not to get your clothes dusty or a wipe down is also a good idea! Get all your clothes out! See something you haven’t worn in a long time like say; 3 years or more? Then you never will! It goes down the in the bin! First cause for clutter is having clothes you don’t wear! They just keep adding on and on and before you realise you have an entire pile of clothes which are dedicated to no-wear-and-tear-section which wastes a lot of potential space which you could use for something else, say; your handbags! So ladies get going and don’t hold in to the oldies!

  • Second is grouping your clothes! Have work clothes? a bunch of pyjamas? Party wears? And if you are an Indian I’m guessing a dozen of heavy ethnic wears!All these go into separate sections and are meant to stay there So that you can find your belongings easily! The most used and frequent clothes can go on the top shelf and seldom used can go on the bottom!
  • If you have some jackets and shrugs and a million scarves like I do, then you would want to put them on a hanger so as to prevent wrinkles and also for easier access! If you want to colour code them go ahead and have fun!!

  • Are you the proud owner of a million accessories all the way from chains, rings, bracelets to belts, bags and boots??? and are tired of the huge mountain of tangled mess you see no matter how separate you try to keep them?
    Then try out these various methods to organize your jewelry!

Most of us postpone cleaning out spaces because of either busy days or tirung days or busy mommy days! But once you get past the aversion to cleaning and organizing you'll find that organizing can be fun and creative and trust me based on personal experience, it can be a great reward!!
So folks enjoy amazing journey of decluttering 101!

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