May 01, 2017

'Oh yeah, I remember that, I just saw it yesterday... Umm, Crap!! I just can't seem to recall it' 
Does that happen a lot to you?? Do you have trouble with memory? Constantly not being able to recall the simplest of things which are recent? 

When we were kids, it seemed easier to memorize things, learn them and recall them. But as we grew up the capacity of our memory power reduced. Or did we let it reduce? It’s a common misconception that memory power reduces. Yes it does reduce after a certain age, but definitely not in your twenties or even your forties for that matter.
Did you know that brain continues to make new neurons throughout life in response to MENTAL ACTIVITY!

Yes! So your brain is capable of being fresh and active until you keep it so. In response to this Research into brain plasticity shows that cognitive function of brain can be improved regardless of your age and cognitive decline can be reversed as well.
Until and unless all those fresh and just born baby neurons has been obliviated from existence from something incomprehensible, everybody can develop their cognitive function as well as memory

1. Task it or lose it!

Research studies show that by constant exercise to brain aids in boosting cognition, memory and alertness. But mind you, repeating the same mundane exercise is of no use either. You have to give new tasks to your brain, new problems to solve and new exercises to keep up with.
  •    Play brain stimulating games like Sudoku, chess
  •    Brain dot-an excellent game, recommended by me!
  •    Solve math problems
  •    Engage is learning new things constantly

 2. Get enough sleep

Get your zzz in order and prioritize it. Am I asking you to prioritize your sleep? Hell yeah!! Sleep is found to increase memory. How, you say? It is found that memory boosting neural activity happens in the deepest state of sleep so your memory consolidation actually takes place when you are in a deep slumber. An adult needs around an average of 6-9 hours to decent sleep to have a wonderful eventful day without feeling sleep deprived. Sleep does have many many benefits apart from making your skin glow and having you look fresh!
  •   It increases alertness during the day time
  •   It improves memory
  •   It increases creativity
  •   It increases receptive power.

3. Get social.

Did you know being more socially active increases your memory power?? I wasn’t aware of this fact until very recently. Certain research studies have shown that socially active people have lesser memory decline compared to their less socially active counterpart. Humans are social animals. we need to know they are not alone. And we being humans, need a constant presence with us, be it family members, friends, internet friends, or even social networking sites. Because socializing boosts circulation to brain and reduces depression, stress and anxiety!
 So go ahead and socialize. Because then there certainly is a chance for you to turn up smarter or at least with lesser rate of loss of memory. Memory loss isn’t something that is inevitable. Beat the belief!!

4.Get your nutrition right

Eat your way to a better memory. Not only mommies who eat yummy omega-3 during their last trimester give birth to better performers but also people who regularly consume omega-3 rich food tend to have a sharper memory. These little buddies are the best brain food in the market. Commonly found in sea food, helps in generation of neurons. Not a fan of fishy friends? Then grab some of those tofu delights, or one can directly consume soybeans, leafy greens, flaxseeds and chia seeds based on their preference and reap some fresh neurons today!!

5. Exercise is your best friend

Physical exercise is a must even if you are not really aiming at improving your memory. But you'll be really glad to know that it has added benefit of improved memory as well. Beauty plus brains won't be just a saying anymore. You'll be a walking-talking role model! Research studies have shown that physical exercise helps in boosting memory. Physical exercise and memory are inextricably intertwined. Studies have shown that exercise triggers the production of BDNF which not only rejuvenates muscles but also brain. It preserves brain cells and promotes brain growth! SO grab some workout gear and get to motion people! 

Think wise and be wise!!

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  1. Sis thanks for such a wonderful blog n ur valuable tips...����❤❤❤❤superb amyy...

  2. very nice post check for fun articles

    1. Yes i did, it's an amazing work you're doing gathering those informations! really great!

  3. What an interesting need. Definitely gonna train my memory to be sharp as hell one day. Thank you for writing and sharing it.

    Fahad @ Blog Life

    1. yes it is! you definitely can do it! All it takes is will power! glad to be of help!

  4. Thank you for this tips! I've such a bad memory because I tend to work a lot, and not sleep a lot & eat healthy. I would incorporate some of your tips to boost my memory!

    1. You definitely need plenty sleep for your health! Its a must! Please make sure you get enough sleep! It'll help in the long run! Always glad to help!

  5. I used to play sudoku every day in college. I should pick it up again!

    1. It always has been my go-to stress reducer and will remain to be so apart from having coffee that is!! :)

  6. I have definitely had baby brain since having my 3 kids, so hard to remember even the simplest things :(

    1. Pregnancy is hard on our body, it always takes its toll! but don't let that ever stop you from being who you are! Its never too late! You can try out herbal products to reduce stress if that's what is troubling you. products like Himalaya Ashwagandha tablets are virtually free from side effects and good to relieve stress and improve general mental health!
      Check out my next post about brain foods to improve memory :)
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