June 18, 2017


Everyone experiences it! One way or the other, one field or the other! Its like a long lost aunt who comes to a sudden visit and refuses to leave until she has criticized everything of yours! Most common block is writer's block! But there are other blocks to a creative thinking too!

There I was going through my week without an idea for the next post and I tried brainstorming! Trust me, it was not good! And then I got thinking, am I the only one who cannot find it in her to come up with  a new subject for the post? Got a little of my Google buddy into the picture and voila! 

There’s so much information about writer's block and much needed ideas and advices as to how to get over it before you know it! 
I then had a light bulb moment that I could write about the block itself!! 
But what are the most practical ones that could be applied rather than just read?
So I went back to all those times I felt the block, not just in writing but various things like music, poetry, blocking positive thoughts just because I was angry and recalls the simple yet successful steps that helps me overcome the block!! Yes, blocking happens to all of us and it happens in every aspect!

When we look past the block, even with enough interest and motivation, when we cant find a single creative bone in our body, it’s time to send the block away!! Its like all the interesting thoughts from our mind have been wiped off! Like the interesting part of our little brains are vanquished! You feel despair when you look at the blinking cursor on the empty white sheet staring at you out of the computer!

So how do we get over it?
How to block the block?? And stay motivated?

Here’s how!
These 7 easy and realistic ideas to get over a block of any sort!

1)Forget all about it

All about the block you ask? 
Forget all about the thing for which you’ve suddenly built a wall for! 
Most of the time a block comes out of nowhere when you’re stressed about it, like a deadline or a timetable you set for yourself and aren’t able to keep up with it, or maybe you ran out of the topics from the list you made and haven’t been able to come up with a new list, or no amount of staring at the ceiling or into the greenery is giving you any flash bulbs!
So yes, forget about it for a while. Move away from it and do something completely out of the ordinary! You love music but you don’t dance to it and haven’t been inspired to make some new music? Try dancing to some random song and the emotion that comes from it! You might end up in tunes that reach all the way to every ear that counts! 
Don’t watch movies but love writing? Try watching a movie and come up with ways how you would have changed the script and maybe you’ll come up with your own!

What you've got to do is to strip away those walls built around and think outside the box! Don't let the box limit you, because there is no correct or wrong answer! 

2) Call a friend!

FRIENDS are the most greatest source of motivation! 
They know You, know your quirky ways, and know what gets you going! They know how to lift your spirits up to rise up to the occasion! It’s time to ring them up y’all! And get chatting! 
You don't have to divulge into great histories, but a small chat and their support can take you a long way! 
If not a friend then a family member! If you are much of  a misanthrope then talk to your pet! (Just kidding) but who knows? It might help!

3) Listen to music

Music is one of those safety nets which literally takes your mind off of things which usually keeps you up at night! 
Jazz it up, or tune into some pop to get your brain cells grooving! 

Not much of a fan of heavy music? Then some calming yogic music like the sound of waves splashing against the rocks will refresh your creative cells into action!
It’s always good to choose it based on your taste!

4) Go for a stroll!

Why a stroll you ask? Well, what do you do when you are walking around aimlessly? You NOTICE things!! How the kid is playing the park, or how a person helped an old lady cross the road, or how you saw a cute couple and can’t wait to write about how love is in the air! 
Ideas, motivation and inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere! Especially when you take a stroll down the happy trail! (Aimlessly Ofcourse)
So many new things might catch your attention and you probably end up with too many things to write about!

5)Cook, clean or organize! 

Keep the mind busy with something for a while and then go back to the writing, choreography or making music or whatever it is that you’re having trouble with!

Sometimes the most mundane things done in the spur of the moment might light up the tree of ideas in your head!

Can you hear that? That is the sound of those tiny bulbs sparking off demanding your attention!

6)Go for a run! Or just any exercise!

Get some blood pumping down your veins because apart from completely exhausting you, it’s a great way to relax! (Much like relaxing away from the task by tiring yourself). 
But while it may sound tiring and exhausting and all that, it will freshen your mood up, and liven your spirits! 
Not a fan of cardio? Well ,yoga and meditation will work too! You’ll know only after you try it!

7)Make some coffee ( Personal favourite )

Nothing like the sweet elixir that just gets me going! 
Don’t even get me started! 
Because coffee is literally a saviour invented somewhere off-planet and dropped off accidentally on earth! Because it is a life saviour ofcourse!!(Who woukd just drop it?)
For all those 7-cups-a-day-coffee-lovers out there, too much is too bad, but I understand your need for it! But on a serious note, coffee stimulates you and your quirky brain, makes you active! I’m definitely not saying that coffee might drop in some ideas and block the block away but it will certainly help you on the way!
For those non-coffee lovers, there’s always some tea! 

So folks, fire up that wonderful in-built computer of yours and get started to work on your thing right away! Because these  ideas are golde7n and the block won’t go away just by willing it to go away or by waiting till you feel inspired enough! It’s never gonna happen by its own, you got to push yourself to get there!
Stay motivated!

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  1. I LOVE this one! We all have blocks, we all go through those "oh no... my brain is just not working" moments, we all have that looming feeling in the stomach that builds as the deadline approaches... you gave some fabulous tips! All of which I have leveraged at some point. One suggestion I'd like to add, is to reread some older posts. My sister made me a book of HER favorite posts of mine (I've had a personal blog since 2010) and I realize that when my mojo is flowing, my words are as well. Took away the pressure and voila - my block was gone! THanks for sharing!