June 12, 2017

Something so incredible that it makes you forget all the bad things and it’s hard to come by, truth be told!

What makes all those dreamers go around in search of happiness that they abandon their foundation and their daily life and their familiar routines and go on an adventure and answer, ‘Finding happiness’ when posed with a question ‘why?’

Nobody is perfectly happy, because happiness comes with the equal balance of other emotions, be it sadness, disappointment, despair, helplessness... and it tears down your walls and makes your world a shade of bleak grey without any sunshine in it!
So what is happiness and what can you do to be happy in your everyday life?

So, do you sleep enough??

 If yes, what do you think the average amount of sleep required by us humans?  
Do you feel drowsy throughout the day? Or feel lethargic? Then you are probably not getting sufficient sleep. Sleep energizes you and it makes you feel healthy and happy and active! 
So do get enough sleep I.e.; 6-8 hours everyday because sleep plays an essential role in being happy. Otherwise you might be too drowsy to notice it!! 

Commute less!!!

Travelling is fun. But travelling long distances everyday and tiring yourself will naturally take the joy out of your life leaving you feeling tired, grumpy and unable to enjoy the small pleasures of life.

Play a game!

Remember back when you were young? Played all sorts of game from indoors like chess, board games to outdoor games like some badminton or even basketball and others. Why is that when we grow up we think games are for children??
All of us are young by heart and games will add a little splash of activity in your otherwise boring evening. 

Go play on a tennis court with your neighbour or your family members and have a fun evening once in a while. Get healthy and also be more happier. I would say two birds with stone!!

Eat healthy!

I could never stress this point enough. We would love nothing more but a sloppy joe and a can of soda to compliment our lunch and give some heavenly exposure to our taste buds! But what’s going on inside your body? Ever thought what that burger you had as a mid-morning snack is doing to you? Everyday since months together? It’s time to think healthy! 
 It’s never too late! All you need is, well, your decision!! 
Ofcourse I wouldn’t say Ditch the junk all together because every now and then it’s important to have some unhealthy fun in a while ( I mean it in a very foodie way possible). But health is a gift and you should appreciate it!

Ever kept a journal?

Don’t entertain the idea of spilling your deep dark secrets to a shrink?? Or your emotional roller coaster ride to one? Then I would say journal is it! It is found that writing one’s deepest thoughts down help them to analyse their feelings and emotions in depth and be a better person in effect! Found to be very therapeutic and for some a spiritual experience all together! Try your hand at it and maybe you'll be the person who'll suggest it to someone else in need :)

These simple yet effective way will help you go a long way! Life isn’t about just going through the phases and surviving it! Yes, you are a survivor but don't just be a survivor, live it and love it. You don't have to try and achieve impossible things to be happy, but if that’s your cup of tea, go for it. HAPPINESS lies within you, waiting to be discovered. Leaving your happiness undiscovered in search of more happiness is like chasing a rainbow’s beginning. It’ll never be. Your happiness lies in your hands and your ability to see past all the pile of things that is covering it like a sheath! 
Feel the love ♡

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  2. Hi, you can't bear happiness, good sleep and good food my help. Loess commuting would be a bonus for me.

  3. Lovely post, very useful tips. Happiness is not a destination It's a journey. :)

  4. Ola you beautiful soul!

    You have been nominated for the Blue Sky Tag Bloggers Challenge.

    Why? Because you ROCKED MY WORLD!

    Here is a link to your nomination... Happy Blogging! - and much love!





    1. Omg!
      This is so great!
      I will definitely do this with all enthusiasm :)
      Thank you so much for the offer :)
      It's wonderful!!
      And I loved your post! ♡