June 25, 2017

Let me start by saying what a wonderful opportunity this is! I’m so excited about this and I’m totally flipping about the questions I have!
It’s always wonderful to hear from other bloggers out there who put in a lot of effort and do an amazing job of it, because it’s motivational to newbies who are on the brink of giving up.  And I thank Jayne for this amazing opportunity! You rock!!

Annddd let’s get started right away!!

1. What would you do with your life if you knew that you wouldn't fail?

Probably start a cafe with the title ‘CAFE AND BAKERS DELIGHT’!!

 With colourful goodies luring in innocent customers to my sweet land! (Might do it too if I was really sure about this non-failing chance)

On a serious note...
Failure has never stopped me before. But I do tend to get quite serious on occasions which don’t have the need. I guess it’s in my quirky nature.
But let’s see... if I knew I wouldn’t fail? I would go ahead and become that pop star I always wanted to and let the musician’s soul within me gallop the lands of music! 
I’ve always loved music and always wanted to be a singer and got trained for the same. I didn’t have the required support and motivation or anybody to inspire me to go ahead with it or maybe I didn’t go looking for it.
But... I have no regrets! I’m in a good place and I know I’ll be in a better place tomorrow.
I finally have that person who’ll support me in all my crazy ideas and if this were a repeat chance, I would execute all those crazy ideas without a second thought!
So knowing that nothing would actually go wrong, I would live carefree!

2. How do you respond to people who offer you their honesty - even if you don't like it?

With a gracious smile and plain old acceptance... I think not.
To be honest, I wouldn’t be standing there listening to them at that point. But let’s say this person is someone I know and respect, and then it’s an entirely different scenario!

I’ve always been a rebel, a rule breaker, optimistic to the point of annoyance and adamant about things I believe in. In most of the situations, I’ll be breaking my back to try and prove the other person wrong, because I hate to be wrong and won’t take any shit for it.
But someone important once told me, when one demands for honesty, then that person should be ready to hear the answers raining down, otherwise don’t ask for it.

3. What is your one true passion - even if it is not something that you "do"? (Let’s hear those secret aspirations...hehe)

mmmmm…. There’s music- my true passion and cooking- my peace pal!

Music- I have always wanted to be a singer when I was younger.  
Dreamed of donning on a beautiful guitar and rocking away on the stage!
And the scenes involved in my so called practice sessions with a much abused hairbrush are humorous to me now… but the interest I had hasn’t gone away the slightest bit over the years. It’s made my conviction about music being able to heal stronger than ever. Music has healed me in many ways, and it continues to do so. Music will always be my number one passion.

I mentioned cooking too, as my peace pal because it literally is! Making new creations in the kitchen, the sound of the chopping board being knocked by a knife in that rhythmic way, the sound of sizzling butter, the aroma of baked goodies, and the beautiful finished delicacy in the end... It’s almost therapeutic… calms me down, relaxes my mood, slows down my heart and makes me sweat in anticipation to see how the dish turned out!
To wait for the compliments to start flowing your way and to feel that immense pleasure bubbling over about it, knowing your hard work paid off, it’s a beautiful feeling!

4. You are offered a guaranteed opportunity of a lifetime in a career sphere you know nothing about - would you accept the offer and how would you "wing it"?

Oh, HELL yeah!!
My mental monologue will be 'GO GET IT TIGRESS!!!!

I would do it without a second thought! Most of my life I’ve been a quick learner and it’s always spurred me on to try new things new things!
Like the time back when I was in sixth grade and was learning cycling and wanted it to master it within a day, did it too, except that i didn't have any idea how to break!! Ha-Ha! though I didn't break anything apart from my ego!  But my point is that I'm always willing to learn!

Ill get to be the funky intern who has no clue what she’s doing but will be the star employee the next day!! (Like in the movies)

5. If I gave you a blank canvas right now, what would you paint?

Ummm...This is where I try to be the one who likes messy things because I usually don’t… ha-ha!

I would throw in a random bunch of bright colors and make it look like a color explosion because I’ve always loved to watch holi and have always loved the idea that colors just brighten your day!

6. What has been your greatest challenge in life thus far?

On a serious note, absolutely nothing!!
But something minor at times just like everyone else I guess… people might say I’m too young and might not have enough experience in life that I should find anything challenging.
I have a voice whispering in my head that soon enough I will be facing the biggest challenge of my life yet and it scares the heartbeats outta me. But I plan to ninja the crap out of it and be confident!
But keeping my fingers crossed!!

7. How do you motivate yourself?

The M word huh? 
The most difficult aspect which I’ve come across where I have struggled to motivate myself was about physical fitness. I guess it’s a struggle for most people.
But then I hit quite a downhill when it came to taking care of me. I’ve read, watched a lot to know that nothing can motivate me other than myself. So I took it to heart and talked myself into doing it and I was especially happy with the outcome!
And then there are my lovely friends. They are a great source of my motivation, people I can talk to about anything when I’m feeling low or excited, is one of the aspects of life I’m blessed in.

8. How do you decide what to put on in the morning - what is it inspired by and what does it look like? (Come one... let's see those morning mugs! lol)

I promise, I’m not obsessed! 
It’s just that my entire week’s wardrobe is planned out ahead. I know, you think I’m being a little too much of an over-planner. But I find it easier and I’m big into organization.
All those hacks and ideas about organizations makes my eyes whirl around in a happy dance!
If there’s an unwarranted surprise I improvise with my other options and its always turned out excellent in the end. But if at all on certain occasions I do not like the dress I've already picked, then i go by the color of the day mood! Whichever my mood demands!
A great outfit and color empowers my mood and planning helps me avoid the situation where I’ll be the thinking-Jane in front of my wardrobe in a towel catching a chill.

9. How do you perceive and process people from different walks of life? - Do you judge them, accept them or question them? 

This one needs more thinking… to be honest I’m more of an accepting person.

I respect everybody’s choices, their situation and circumstance might be something which I’m not familiar with and it gives me no right to judge them. Being judged without an inkling of an idea about what’s actually going on in the person’s life is too cruel.

I would question them too, but just to understand what led them to make that choice in the first place. To get more of an honest idea about how the other persons mind works because I’m fascinated with the works of mind!

10. What is your favorite color and why?

It’s always purple and black!

Purple- because it’s so purplish… ha-ha! Because it’s bold, daring and makes a statement. It makes the dusky undertones of my skin glow, it makes the dress prettier, and it makes the sky more beautiful in the evenings, because it makes heads turn. A [pretty purple dress is a woman’s best friend!

Black- well, where do I start? It’s utterly bold. Makes everything ultra edgy, chic and suits every occasion. Easier to match other colors, accessories and can go with most stuff as basic ensemble. Suits all occasion and easier to carry off than bright canary yellow! He-he!

11. If you had one opportunity to inspire a room of people, what would you tell them?

I guess a happy dance wouldn’t help the situation??.. Just kidding!

Motivation as I mentioned earlier comes from within. The person might read and watch a lot of stuff about it, but if he hasn’t decided to apply them, it goes down the drain.

If I had the power to motivate a room full of people I would question them about their failures, and about what they think needs to be changed for her/him to get to place where they want to be and give them most plausible reasons as to why they should do them.
I like interactions and it yields results. Give even the tiniest of original examples in a loud clear voice confidently because confidence matters the most. Because even the tiniest of ideas spoken in the mightiest voice can be heard.




  1. When was the last time you got an electric shock?? For those of you who haven't had the chance to experience this, would you step forward??
  2. What is your greatest compromise/sacrifice??
  3. If you were the KING/QUEEN of the world, what would you like to change and why?
  4. Who is your greatest support?? what would you say to him/her reading this??
  5. Do you know the name of your apartment's/office's/home,s/hostel's/complex's/building's watchman?? if not, would you ask at the next chance you get?(be honest! :))
  6. Lets face it! practicality is important! but lets say that you were trying to achieve something that was most dear to your heart against all the odds! Would you let go or rather persevere until you have it??
  7. Which is your favorite book back from your childhood days?? (in words from the mind of a child-you!!)
  8. Have you watched the movie 'THE LION KING'? What are your thoughts about it?
  9. Are you more of a skeptic or a believer when it comes to people? Why?
  10. SUCCESS against HAPPINESS. Which is easier to attain and which do you have? If both, then How did you get there?
  11. What would your talk be about? HUMOR or INSPIRATION??


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  1. This looks so fun! What a great way to get to know other bloggers. I'd love to be included in this, somewhere down the line. Angel Strunk,

    1. YES!!
      Isnt this great?
      I hope you get it down the line :)
      All the best

  2. Good luck.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.