July 17, 2017

Stay in shape: 5 easy steps
I have one big weakness which always gets into my way to stay fit: I like cooking, and I'm an amazing chef. That means I have to work out really hard to keep my body weight. After going through a lot of ups and downs with my body shape, I discovered the secret formula. It's very simple, and it's completely brilliant:
Keep travelling every 6 months from Europe to America, so you'll never have to worry about your summer body!
Just joking. Today I'm going to share some advices to work out your body and get in that beautiful bikini that we all have but can't wear it for some reasons.
1.- Stay hydrated:
Most people forget this rule, and it's so simple! Remember that your body has fat, water and muscle. By staying hydrated you avoid eating between meals. Also, you can improve your metabolism so eventually you won't gain weight easily. You can drink one glass of water before eating your meal so you won't eat that much, believe me (;
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2.- Take a break with sugar/flour:
Yes , I know it's nearly impossible, but your body will eventually thank you. This means not to just stop eating desserts -I'm watching you, young lady- but also keeping an eye on foods with low content of sugar like rice and some fruits. I don't mean you should quit to eat them, just tease yourself on weekends or remove the dose of sweet /flour in your life (:
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3.- Exercise is a problem? Try zumba!
Yes, I know exercise can be pretty boring sometimes and eventually you will end up taking selfies by the mirror and post them on social media. But if you join zumba you will have a lot of fun! You can dance to your favorite songs, meet a lot of people and after a couple of weeks your body will beg you to exercise.
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4.- Walk on the streets
Do you have a good playlist on your mobile? Wanna feel like you're starring in a music video? Then download some music and take a long walk on the street -1, 2 hours-. You will get fresh air, see some brand new places -coffee shops, pubs, markets- and you will get some nice pictures to post!
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5.- Try asian food
When I went to China I was astonished. Everything was so delicious , and they don't use too much meat and fat! You could look at pinterest for easy asian food recipes -Thai, Chinese,Japan, Korean- and you'll feel better in no time. Give it a chance, you won't regret it!
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Despite all these advices, I must state something. If you want to keep your body shape, do it for yourself. If you don't do it for yourself, eventually you'll end up quitting and that's not the idea. So if you want to stay on shape, work hard and never give up!
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  1. These are all really great tips, especially staying hydrated! Water can really change so many things in your body and how it functions.