July 03, 2017



That would be the most common thing heard by employees working in any company, office or an organization. Because bosses are seldom sweet, loving, understanding, caring and most of all forgiving! They demand, command and obturate any ideas of having fun. Most of them proscribe the fun out of your lives and make work a nightmare. They maintain a level of anonymousness with the employees, and seldom express emotions other than anger, displease and downright discouragement at your eccentric ideas! They chain in your appetite for new ideas and are pedant about old ways.

But then there are other bosses who are team builders, who motivate, inspire and obviate fears of their employees. They are open to new ideas and they are engaging and encouraging. But then they are less than a handful.

Which type is your boss???

Today it is the good boss and the bad boss day. 

You have started out recently in your field and you want to take your career to great heights! 

A GOOD BOSS plays the most important role in this aspect of your life, the boundaries beyond comprehension.

So how would you know whether you have a good boss or a bad boss because everybody either gets biased or prejudiced when judging about a boss. 

There lies the crux of the problem. So today you’ll know whether your boss is helping your career or setting you up for a future where you just go with a flow lacking potential challenges which will fail to further your professional life altogether.

THE GOOD BOSS- Is mostly ATYPICAL. He looks for your growth along with the company’s! He never condemns you and your ideas because he’s been in that places and knows how it feels. He chooses to take the high road and make you feel welcome. But beware, he doesn’t tolerate tardiness (so don’t take advantage of the situation.)

THE BAD BOSS- Is TYPICAL. He is an egoist. It’s him from the beginning till the end. He wants to be the king and also the prince. He looks for his own growth. Everybody is selfish, but when your boss is selfish beyond exemption and wouldn’t hesitate to throw you under the bus for his own gain, then you need to look for a change of jobs! Right away!!

THE GOOD BOSS- REQUESTS his order in an authoritative tone! Got it? He makes it sound like a humble request and the employee jumps at the first chance to get it done. It’s not manipulative. But under circumstances it’s necessary to be a kind authoritative boss rather than an arrogant good-doer! Everybody likes to be respected. Even if they are the lowliest of employee!

THE BAD BOSS- DEMANDS! You are nothing but a lowly employee, paid to get the job done and he forgets that he is the same for the higher up authority. He likes to be in control and likes to exercise it by not obliging to employees requests. He is blind to all other problems other than his own. Oh, he is knowledgeable, but so is everyone else. Rather than correcting, he disciplines. Constantly!

THE GOOD BOSS- EXCELLENT in his mannerisms. He gives respects and his nature automatically demands respect on its own accord. Do you look forward to his praises? His trust in you? Then you’re on the right track to a successful career. He is humorous when the situation demands and he can look formidable when he decides to be so. But it’s all done in good intention. He CARES!

THE BAD BOSS- ULTIMATE DICTATOR! He’s easily displeased and rarely gives compliments to a job well done. Doesn’t take the time to guide but rather takes time to debase some awfully done job (few might require this huge push too.)  Do you feel belittled on most occasions? Unworthy? Like whatever you do doesn’t matter? Then your boss is an all-consumer.

THE GOOD BOSS- Is EXEMPLARY in his work. He is punctual and sets a good example. He’s courteous towards everybody and is also down to earth. He’s commanding and gets the work done. He gets respected everywhere and employees adulate him. He’s a role model. Do you look forward to the day when you can be just like him? Sweet and caring also commanding and respected? You have the best boss!

THE BAD BOSS- MEAN and exemplary and sucks the enthusiasm out of the room. He focuses more on the outcome rather than the process. He’s mostly infuriating to the point of temptation of resignation. He’s the dead opposite of a role model. Everybody looks away from him rather than looking up to him!

THE GOOD BOSS- PASSIONATE about the work he does and gets done! Are you being pushed in the right direction? Taught new things and able to teach other? Are you encouraged to learn and execute? Is your boss supportive??Are you happy with the work you do? Enthusiastic to step into your bubble every day? Then you’re under the right boss.

THE BAD BOSS- LACKS COMMUNICATION. He expects you to keep up without any instructions from his part. He likes to be on top of things and might be workaholic. Expects you to be the same way. He’s rather good at expressing disappointment and displeasure than appreciation.

Surely you can identify some of these traits in your boss. Look forward to the next post of eclectic boss to have the complete idea of how your boss plays an important role in your career.

See you next week folks!
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