August 22, 2017

We’ve all been there and done that!Hit the treadmill until we couldn’t put a foot further, cycled till all the muscles in our legs were screaming for mercy, happy to have lost the weight we were looking to loose and yet only to be disappointed for it to have come back without our awareness. Have you been there too?

Today I’ll be sharing with you, 7 productive, highly productive secrets towards weight loss and to keep that lost weight from creeping back in!!

Before we move on to the topic at hand, for those of you who are struggling with weight loss, sit down and think about the different things you’re doing to lose weight and analyze whether they are the right one for you. For few, cardio is the best but for few others strength training may work out splendidly. For some of you weight training may work out and there are others who keep the weight off through pure dieting and no exercise. So chose the one which you’ll eventually be inclined to follow and not just the trendiest weight loss trick the entire town is following.

For weight loss to occur it’s important to know your body. Do you have muscles underneath all that superficial fat that will eventually show up just by losing a few pounds or do you need to gain some muscle bulk as well?
Losing weight isn’t about becoming slim. It’s about becoming healthier and staying that way in the long run. It’s all about taking care of yourself. It’s about loving yourself and doing something for a better you for YOURSELF!!
If you are doing this for someone else, then please don’t because it won’t be permanent and eventually you’ll stop trying. So I urge you, do this for yourself, for a better version of you. Self improvement for the better is always the first step of self love.

1.    HYDRATE to health

Drink plenty of fluids. There are plenty of benefits of hydrating yourself. One among them is healthy glowing skin.
Water helps in boosting metabolism. When there is less water intake then body holds on the remaining water which is body’s basic survival instinct. And due to reduced water intake the kidneys put on extra stress on the liver which in turn will reduce the total potential of fat metabolism which will lead to your body putting on weight. It’s a cycle. More water, more independent the organs are in their own function and also added benefit is that there are less toxins in your system!

2. PLAN AHEAD the treats

Always plan your meals. Research shows that unplanned meals usually involve junk food. But planned meals focus more on healthier food, a conscious effort for weight loss and as we all know mind plays the most important role in everything. So calculate your calorie requirement based on your goal and plan the meals accordingly. Planned meals do help in reducing weight research says. So prepare your royal menu right away!

3. BALANCE your diet

There’s more to diet than cutting portions. When you downsize your servings you’re also cutting down from the essential nutrients required by your body. Especially during weight loss process, your body requires more energy for the hard work and the hard tasking it’s been put through. Your body requires all the nourishment it can get to replenish and re-energize itself for the upcoming day.So a balanced diet is the most important part. So stick to whole grains, fruits and vegetables but not fruit juices, lean proteins and low fat diary. Healthy fat like a tablespoon of ghee everyday works miracles on your body by helping the bowel movements, and also acts like an all-rounder nourishment.

4. HOMEMADE to health

All the fast food eaters we see have one thing in common. Obesity. Yes! The big O word again. These days in the busy schedule most of us have, we seldom find time for our loved ones let alone home cooked meals. Due to which we end up eating out most of the time and stick to junk almost all the times out of most. Junk food=fast food in most of the places. They carry unhealthy fat and also lot of unwanted carbohydrates which is eventually stored in the body. There is always a risk of developing cardiac diseases and liver diseases in people who stick to junk food or fast food.
But on the other hand, home cooked meals have the benefit being healthy, safe from toxins and a balance in the required nutrition. You can find easy to do homemade meal recipes and also entire week of planned plans on Pinterest and other social sites. Get your family involved in the process as well. This way you get to spend time with your family and also eat healthy. Homemade recipes.

5. WORKOUT with a plan

We know that we have to always combine exercise with healthy eating to achieve the goals we have planned to reach. Just restrictive diet won’t help because the hunger always returns later when you hit a wall after the initial happy weight loss period. You get grumpy and we all know that hungry folks aren’t the best for company. You tend to have increased mood swings than normal and your body suffers with you. When the hunger hits you, you end up eating more and the weight returns. Frustrating isn’t it?
So combine a series of exercises along with a healthy diet for a better and long lasting result. 

Cardio, interval training, body strength training, weight training, and aerobics are a few to name. You can also opt for fast paced dancing and Pilates to strengthen your core muscles for better results. Plan and execute and don’t give up.

6.SNACK smarter

Every bite counts and be carrying on with you diet and having 2 or 3 cookies for your snack is no good. You'll only end up getting frustrated with the very less progress you seem to be experiencing. Try having better snack options like nuts and raisins. Have green tea and some healthy salads. Or try museli for better digestion and better weight loss.

7. EMPTY stomach is a big no-no!

Never ever stay put on empty stomach. It gives rise to other problems like gastritis and eventually you’ll regret your decision of starving yourself to weight loss because the weight always comes back and also poses a threat to your health. (All the way from anorexia to other serious health ailments which might jeopardize your health in the future). Let’s not take unwanted risks. Faster weight loss isn’t permanent. Slow and steady wins the race.

Faster weight loss isn’t a solution to anything. It will break somehow through a mental trigger or a physical trigger. Healthy and fit should be our goal. Not thin and slim. Having a healthy and fit body takes effort and work. It doesn’t come to one who is praying for it but doesn’t do anything for it. Love yourself! Embrace the glorious mess you are! Accept yourself! But at the same time work towards self improvement in every way. From body to mind. Healthy is the new fit.

Stay healthy and stay happy!

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