August 15, 2017

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         Everybody knows how important maintaining ones health is! The everyday stress of work and personal life takes a toll on the body mentally and physically. For instance take up the food habits we follow these days, it’s bound to end up causing ill health up to a certain degree without doubt! The illustrious and fulfilling life we lead may also end up causing us harm inevitably somewhere in the future and we might not have anyone but ourselves to blame! But what are we doing to set it right? Are you doing anything about your health??

It’s been a long time since I’ve been practicing yoga, while I may have gone off of it a few times, given the busy schedule- it was one thing which I yearned to get back to. The benefits are innumerable and the positive effect is the best you’ll ever see!

One of the basic asana or pose you come across when you speak about yoga is the suryanamaskara or the sun salutation. It is a series of asana circled together for a profound overall effect on every part of your body staring from your eyes to the toes!
Today I will be talking about the benefits of the asana involved in suryanamaskara!HOW TO DO SURYANAMASKARA

Suryanamaskara is the cycle of different poses done continuously for 12 reps for the best results. It gets your heart rate up to a certain degree, warms up your core muscles and engages it intensely and also makes you break out a sweat.

There are 12 different asana which constitute to form the total of suryanamaskara.
1.     Pranamasana ( Prayer pose)
2.     Hasthauttasana ( raised arm pose)
3.     Hastha padasana ( hand to foot pose)
4.    Ashwa sanchalanasana ( equestrian pose)
5.    Dandasana ( stick pose)
6.     Astanga namaskara ( eight parts salute pose)
7.     Bhujangasana ( cobra pose)
8.     Parvatasana (mountain pose)
9.     Ashwa sanchalanasana ( equestrian pose)
10. Hastha padasana ( hand to foot pose)
11.  Hasthauttasana  (raised arm pose)
12. Tadasana (relaxed straight body pose)

These set of 12 asana may seem simple, but the innumerable benefits from this is incredible to behold. Depending on the intensity with which the yoga is performed it has varying benefits.

Helps lose weight!

When these asanas are done in a faster pace than normal, it acts as a cardiovascular exercise. Cardiovascular exercises are the ones which help in shedding those extra pounds on your body. Done right and executed correctly you’re in for a shock. All the power yoga comes from the normal yoga done in a faster pace.

Stretches those stiff muscles!

All of us know the pain of having sore muscles and having gone to sleep, you end up waking with stiff muscles all over. Yoga is the solution you’ve been searching for!
By doing suryanamaskara everyday you not only wake up to a better morning but also you engage all your body muscles and stretch out those stiff ones which will not cause you any more trouble. It may hurt a little to engage those sore muscles in the beginning, but often times the most difficult roads lead to beautiful destination.

Engages core muscles

Suryanamaskara is one of those exercises which engages all your core muscles while performing and even after. It uses your abdominal muscles mainly and helps you get a toned and trim tummy. Those of you who are looking to lose a few inches around your tummy, then this is for you.

 By engaging your core muscles, it not only increases the strength of those muscles but also tones it down and aids in digestion.

Achieve mental relaxation!

Suryanamaskara not only has physical benefits, but also mental benefits. The deep breathing technique followed during the practice of suryanamaskara engages your mind completely and calms you down. The deep breathing technique done along with poses in a cycle and rhythm aids in mental relaxation. All this added with early hours of morning gives you zest and peace of mind to begin your day, retaining that peace throughout your day!

Glowing skin!!

Yes! You read that right! Suryanamaskara gives you glowing skin. The simple process increases blood circulation. It produces sweat which eliminates any external dirt and such and also clears up your skin pores naturally. Both these effects combined you’re in for a healthy youthful skin.

And who doesn't love youthful and glowing skin?
Then what are you thinking about? stop stalling and get doing suryanamaskara right away!

As you read above, the word suryanamaskara itself should indicate its incredible benefits. Having done yoga and having seen it being done and the results it produces, yoga is THE exercise which works your entire body. For those busy bees out there -power yoga, for those time loggers do it with normal pace. For those who want to tone up and for those who want to lose some weight, yoga is your answer. Being able to do it within the confines and comfort of one’s home, it does not require any equipment and it’s also a great way to get some mental relaxation into the picture!


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