November 01, 2017

It’s been forever since I’ve been hearing my mother tell me, sip some hot water whenever I complained of stomach ache or cough or cold or feeling of heaviness or even indigestion. HOT WATER?? One solution for so many problems?What are the benefits of consuming hot water? Is it good or bad for you?How should we consume it and how often??  Replace your piping hot coffee with water and read on!!

  •        Best medicine for fever, cough and cold!

What??!! Come on! All of us have always taken a dose of acetaminophen (paracetamol) whenever suffering from pyrexia (fever).  But the ancient text book of Ayurvedic life science says that hot water is one of the best remedies for fever. Fever which occurs due to ‘AMA’ commonly understood as indigestion causes blockage of the ‘STROTAS’ due to which the temperature of the body increases. Hence by drinking hot water the channels which are blocked gets cleared out thus reducing the body temperature. Sip your hot water like you take coffee or tea and see the magic for yourselves.
Similarly it works wonders when you’re suffering from cold and cough. It relieves sore throat and clears cold off within hours and its all natural!

  •      Aid your super digestion!

Drinking hot water can both stimulate and activate your digestive system. The similar characteristic features of hot water and digestive fire i.e.; gastric juice helps in stimulating the same for people suffering from loss of appetite. It also helps people suffering from bouts of indigestion.

  •       Helps relieve constipation!
Drinking hot water helps your intestines to loosen up and contract and the hard stool absorbs the water and become soft which aids the smooth movement. Drinking hot water regularly before and between the meals keeps you, well, regular and healthy. Consuming the same when suffering from constipations sounds like a good idea too!!

  •       Hot water for weight loss??
While hot water may not speed up your metabolism, seeing that metabolism depends on the age, size and gender of a person, it does take a longer time than cold water to get absorbed which will result in you feeing fuller for a longer time. This in turn avoids you from unnecessary snacking or having hunger pangs which might result in consuming more snacks.

  •      Clears out toxins
Drinking hot water will raise the core body temperature, which will initiate the sweating process of the body which helps in eliminating the toxins from the body.
Add in a piece of lemon or a spoon of honey or a piece of cucumber to a glass of hot water which will keep you hydrated and also leaves you feeling fresh the whole day!

Simple and beneficial and not too taxing on the effort part! A simple solution for many troubles found in our day to day life. Once hooked you’ll never let go of this habit for the better!
Stay healthy and stay happy!

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